Brigham Hall

data scientist in Boston, Massachusetts

Hello, I’m Brigham. I’m a Data Scientist living in Boston, Massachusetts.

Real-world Fortune 100 experience with machine learning algorithms for classification, regression, clustering, reinforcement learning, bayesian inference, non-parametric models, and dimensionality reduction. Experience communicating advanced analytic models with business leaders: data driven marketing, sales pipeline analysis, campaign analysis, and customer analytics (reactivation, retention, loyalty).

I've supported projects and built automated solutions associated with companies such as Microsoft, Google, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and American Student Assistance. Currently, I serve as Principal Data Scientist at HFI.

I am also the CEO && Lead Data Scientist of AStar Consulting, LLC, a Boston-based consultancy and analytics vendor for Fortune 500 companies. AStar a proud participant of the Google Small Business Supplier Diversity Program.

Let's talk data! Feel free to send me a message via LinkedIn Profile by clicking the button below.

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